While 2006 will long be remembered as the year of ballpark approval, 2007 will go down in history as the timeframe during which the Twins-Hennepin County ballpark starts to become reality.

Think about it. The coming year will feature a plethora of new ballpark related news including final site acquisition, the unveiling of schematic design, the implementation of the county-wide tax, the sale of the bonds, the public groundbreaking and the commencement of construction. Meanwhile, the new year will also mark the official start of the team?s ballpark development efforts featuring the opening of a Ballpark Marketing Center, the launch of the premium seating sales effort as well as the rollout of the season ticket holder migration plan.

With those key elements on the horizon, some have suggested the coming months are critical. That?s an understatement. The weeks and months to come will be central to the Twins-Hennepin County ballpark plan and the eventual construction of America?s premiere baseball facility. While the significance of the work and looming deadlines present challenges, I cannot imagine a more exciting time to be part of the Twins family.

Over the past several weeks, many people across the region have inquired about a new ballpark timeline. What follows is my attempt to provide you with a better understanding of key timeframes for ballpark-related news and events over the next several months. Enjoy the journey!!!!!

– County-wide sales tax is implemented.
– Development Agreement and Lease/Use Agreement is finalized.
– Complete site/infrastructure plan.
– Complete site assembly.
– Schematic design is unveiled.
– Twins open Ballpark Marketing Center.
– Twins launch premium seating (Private Suites and Club Seats) sales.

– County issues bonds.
– County holds hearings on findings of environmental impact statement.
– County Board votes on EIS findings. 

– Groundbreaking ceremony.
– Site excavation and construction begins.

More on the elements outlined above in the weeks to come. Enjoy the journey.

Win Twins!!!!

Dave St. Peter
President, Minnesota Twins Baseball Club
2006 American League Central Division Champions

New Ballpark Idea of the Week
Set up certain areas for Standing Room Only.  Sell SRO tickets in game in which more than 30K seats are sold.  Petco Park has designated SRO counter areas behind some 1st deck seat sections.  Fans unable to afford season tix can still get decent score decent spots for the game by coming early and standing in line. Rick of Minneapolis.