Opening Day for Ballpark Construction

As any baseball fan already knows, there is nothing that compares to Opening Day. The knowledge that spring has sprung coupled with the anticipation for a new season makes Opening Day a holiday of sorts for multiple generations of fans across the country. Those ?Opening Day? feelings will be present again this week when the Twins and construction manager M.A. Mortenson Company officially set up shop on the ballpark site and commence site clearing ? all in preparation for the groundbreaking and pile driving in the month of August.

Opening Day on the ballpark front is set for Tuesday (May 15) when Mortenson begins the first phase of construction by starting site clearing. From the installation of the construction fence to the stripping away of the existing parking surface, this phase will set the stage for significant construction in the weeks and months to come. Already, we?ve seen work begin on the roads and bridges surrounding the ballpark site. Work has caused the temporary closure of the  Fifth Street bridge. Soon, work will expand to portions of Third Avenue North between Fifth and Seventh Street.

Tuesday?s events will include a briefing for local media highlighting the site clearing process and construction timeline. A focal point of that briefing will be the presentation of the actual locations of home plate, first, second and third base. I was lucky enough to be on the ballpark site in recent days when Mortenson?s survey crew marked the location of said four corners of the diamond, plus the foul poles. While the infield?s actual location on the site surprised me (it was farther East than I expected), the home plate view of Downtown Minneapolis was exactly what I expected ? outstanding!

We?ll continue to keep you posted as the exciting process of building Minnesota?s ballpark evolves.

Win Twins!!!

Dave St. Peter
President, Minnesota Twins