Interstate 35W Bridge Tragedy Puts Life in Perspective; Groundbreaking on Hold

Isn?t it incredible how our world can change in a matter of moments? How a sudden unexpected event can put one?s life ? and more importantly baseball ? in proper perspective. That?s exactly what happened last Wednesday when the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed. Not only did a number people tragically lose their lives, many more were injured. The face of Minneapolis was changed forever as our community attempted to understand how this could happen.

Meanwhile, just blocks away from the scene of this unthinkable disaster, a baseball team was confronted with a  series of decisions. No, I?m not referring to the trade deadline. Instead, I?m referring to the decision to play Wednesday?s game versus Kansas City with hopes of keeping the 25,000 fans off the streets and buy first respondersincremental unimpeded time to do their jobs.

I?m referring to the decision to postpone Thursday?s game against the Royals out of respect for those families impacted by this tragedy. I?m referring to the decision to move forward and play the four-game Indians series with hopes of returning a level of normalcy for our community. And lastly, I?m referring to the decision to postpone the groundbreaking for the new Twins ballpark.

The groundbreaking decision was the easiest, understanding that it wouldn?t be right to celebrate Minnesota?s new ballpark while the recovery effort continues in our downtown area. The Twins and our fans have waited 12 years to break ground on a new ballpark, we can certainly wait a few more weeks. Over the past few days, many fans have sought information about a rescheduled date for the groundbreaking event. The Twins, Hennepin County and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority will gather again this week in order to determine a date for the groundbreaking ceremony.

Rest assured, we will move forward in marking this historic occasion with a proper ceremony and opportunity for fans to participate on the ballpark site. That said, we will do so at a more appropriate time, and certainly with the families impacted by the 35W bridge tragedy in our hearts and minds.

Win Twins!!!!!

Dave St. Peter
President, Minnesota Twins