Target Plaza Takes Shape

Fans following the progress of Target Field have certainly noticed that Target Plaza – the gateway to Minnesota’s new ballpark – is nearing completion. Designed to be the ballpark’s front door, this dynamic public gathering space has the potential to be something special for the North Loop neighborhood, the City of Minneapolis and the region. Over the next 30-90 days Mortenson and company will continue landscape architecture while also working hard to put the finishing touches in place. Fans should look for the following:


         The Golden Glove – The large bronze glove located near Gate 34 has been sculpted, poured and is nearing completion. Jerry Bell and I had the opportunity to check out the Golden Glove last week at a foundry in Howard Lake, MN. The 1,500-pound sculpture is a perfect rendition of an old-school baseball glove. In addition, the team is planning to place a plaque honoring every Gold Glove winner in Twins history at the base of the sculpture. The Golden Glove will be installed on Target Plaza sometime in October.

         Legendary Player Sculptures – Work is well underway on sculptures of National Baseball Hall of Famers Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew and Kirby Puckett. Plans still call for installation of the three sculptures on or around Opening Day of 2010.

         Tradition Wall – The fan recognition wall sold out last week is now in full production. Fans should expect the eight (8) glass panels featuring the names of 2,400 fans — along with pennants devoted to each and every Twins team since 1961 — to be in place sometime in November.

         Wind Veil – The work of nationally renowned artist Ned Kahn, the wind veil is now in production. The piece will be titled “The Wave” and should be installed in December of this year.

         Minnesota Ballpark History – Thanks to funding provided by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority, the team is currently working to design a special glass wall tribute to the history of Minnesota’s ballparks. Located within the 7th street planter, the ballpark history marker will be in place sometime in early 2010.

         Twins Hall of Fame – The team continues to work with project designers on a number of options on Target Plaza aimed at commemorating the Twins Hall of Fame.



Beginning this week, construction trailers will be removed from the south parking lot as Mortenson, Populous and various contractors move their project headquarters to the Ford Centre … The Twins will soon shoot a pair of television commercials at Target Field to promote the 2010 season. Participating players will include Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Denard Span and Joe Nathan.


Win Twins!!!


Dave St. Peter

President, Minnesota Twins




    Regarding Ozzie Guillen’s feelings for the Metrodome and his offering to turn over the “games remaining” number at the dome: Why not send him the number 13 (his jersey number) when it becomes available? I think it would be a good natured jab.


    Hi Dave,
    I have been a Twin’s Fan all my life! Now that you are getting back out into the open air is Great! I think as they say”we need to be outdoor’s”. Speaking about outdoors, I see that there are some questions about what is the meaning about family entertainment? Well Twins and baseball for one! and also just being in the state of Minnesota. I was wondering if you ever thought about one of the main things to add to the new ball park. Since we have the land of 10,000 lakes to talk to the DNR and put in a fish tank for all the kids and me to see! I think it would be a great attraction for all and would also reflect what MN. has to offer. If you go to Cabela’s you see people just in “AHH” of a vision that is really not seen in the under world in our lakes. The adaptability of the fish would be great and maybe the DNR could have a drop box to help pay for the up keep of the tank. I bet you could get $500,000 or more throgh the season. I would put a dollar into the box if I went to the game. Then Dick would be able to see that “WALLEYE” he was fishing for! 🙂

    Bruce Franke


    Since the last game at the Metrodome was tonight, are they going to bring the home plate from the Dome to Target Field? Here’s hoping 2010 is a success.

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