Target Field Concessions Taking Shape

With so much focus on the building’s exterior, seat installation and the playing field, very little has been written or said regarding Target Field’s anticipated food and beverage offerings. Fans will be pleased to know that the Twins and Sportservice are working overtime to finalize build out of clubs, restaurants, concession stands and portables; round out menus; and develop strategic partnerships with Minnesota-based branded food partners. Those partnerships will undoubtedly involve some of Target Field’s signature food items which will be announced in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, work is complete on the equipment installation and base theming for the general concession stands across the ballpark. I’m hopeful that fans will appreciate and connect with the local and/or Twinscentric concession stand themes which are detailed below:


·         Taste of Twins Territory

o   The ballpark’s general concession stand serving all the basics – hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, etc.

·         Hennepin Grille

o   Burgers and chicken sandwiches are the stars of these stands.

·         Mill City Grill

o   Don’t be surprised if a steak sandwich headlines these locations.

·         Halsey’s Sausage Haus

o   A tribute to the legendary Halsey Hall, these stands will feature the best in brats, dogs and sausages.

·         Senor Smokes

o   A tip of the cap to Mr. Berenguer, these stands will feature a south of the border menu including nachos, tacos, burritos.

·         Frankie V’s Italian

o   A salute to 1987 World Series MVP Frank Viola, multiple varieties of pizza will dominate these stands.

·         State Fair Classics

o   Certain to be a fan favorite with everything on a stick.

·         North Shore Creamery

o   Building on the popularity of ice cream at the Dome, these stands will offer fans a wide variety of ice cream treats.


Target Field Notes:

This week the Twins will announce a third Founding Partner for Target Field joining U.S. Bank and Treasure Island … Work on Target Field Station nears completion as the prep continues for the launch of the Northstar commuter rail line and the extended Hiawatha line in mid-November …Look for Target Field to play an important role in the grand finale of the special on-field ceremony following the Twins final regular season home game at the Metrodome.


Win Twins!!!!



    Sounds like some great food choices! But will I be able to find Grain Belt Premium or Summit at the new park?……my guess is yes since the park is supposed to represent MN…but haven’t heard anything about it yet.

  2. twinslife

    it’s great to see that the Twins are making a big step in extending ballpark concessions options!!! I personally was never a big fan of the food at the Metrodome mainly because they mostly only offered the ballpark basics as opposed to a variety of offerings such as chicken sandwiches, steak sandwiches, burritos, tacos(walleye tacos anyone? haha), cheese curds, etc. I can’t wait for Target Field to open!!! The food is a big part of the ballgame experience!!!!


    I loved to hear the news that Twins is making some cool steps to make visitors more comfortable. I would say that I’m personally a great fan of food, in any place and eating healthy food is my weakness. This move would be too god for food lovers like me.

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