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Twins fans should circle Monday, August 24th on their calendars. For that is the date Target Field will reach another huge milestone as the first batch of sod is scheduled to arrive from Colorado. The actual sod installation is scheduled to take place beginning the night of August 24th and concluding the early morning of August 27th.  In total, 30 trucks loaded with rolls of the Kentucky bluegrass will arrive at Target Field over the three-day period. In the meantime, the playing field prep work continues with installation of a elaborate heating, irrigation and drainage systems.



Representatives from Major League Baseball will visit Minneapolis this week for a routine walk-through of Target Field. The MLB group will meet with Twins staff and review the status of the ballpark construction with a special focus on “baseball” issues such as dugouts, bullpens, outfield walls, padding, etc. … Speaking of bullpens, Twins closer Joe Nathan and setup man Matt Guerrier were among a group of current players who recently visited Target Field and the two continue to mull which bullpen – the top or bottom tier — the Twins should occupy next spring … Phase One of the Target Field Season Ticket Relocation program is now complete with the team’s 2010 season ticket base currently standing at more than 15,000 full season equivalents. Twins staff remain optimistic of approaching the 20,000 mark in FSE’s before Opening Day 2010 … The Twins are in receipt of a preliminary 2010 regular season schedule calling for the team to open on the road Monday, April 5 with the Target Field opener set for Monday, April 12. The schedule remains subject to change and will not be finalized until early September … The Twins continue work to finalize plans to play a pair of exhibition games at Target Field April 2-3, 2010 … Twins Tradition Wall sales remain strong with more than 80% of the available space now committed. Fans should act now to reserve their space on this special part of Target Plaza … The Twins are working closely with local transit authorities to plan grand opening ceremonies in early November surrounding the inaugural running and connection of the Northstar commuter rail line with the extended Hiawatha LRT line which intersects at Target Field.

Two Years and Counting

A sell-out crowd of more than 48,000 will converge on the Metrodome for tonight’s 2008 season opener featuring the Minnesota Twins versus the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. All those in attendance will not only cheer on the Twins for the start of another season, but they will be on hand for the start of the official “countdown” to Minnesota’s new ballpark scheduled to open in 2010.

Starting with tonight’s game, the Twins will feature an interactive display adjacent the Samsung Home Run Porch which will countdown the number of games remaining in the Metrodome. The number will switch in the sixth inning – once the current game becomes official. Tonight, Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew will be among the group changing the number from 162 to 161 games.

Speaking of Opening Day, you could almost predict the forecast for a snowy sloppy day across Twins Territory. Undoubtedly, the crummy weather and pending return of outdoor baseball will be common discussion points for Minnesota baseball fans and media. Let’s just keep Monday’s weather in proper context.

The reality is ALL northern climate baseball communities – Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Boston, etc. – have challenges with April weather. Most of those cities have dealt with this issue for more than 100 years. Things are no different in Minnesota. While things are bit more unpredictable this time of year, come late April or early May, our climate is quite comparable to other northern baseball towns. That said, the Twins remain confident in our ability to work with Major League Baseball to ensure we open the season on the road – a factor aimed at helping ensure better weather for the season opener.

Nationals Park Opens to Solid Reviews
The Twins front office watched last night’s Washington Nationals-Atlanta Braves game with great interest as the team’s played the first-ever game in National’s Park. From all accounts the District of Columbia and the Nationals franchise deserve kudos for the design of a wonderful baseball venue. I had the chance to tour the facility during construction and look forward to getting a glimpse of the finished product in the near future. The similarities to the new Twins ballpark are plentiful, highlighted by the following:

  • Sustainable Design – Like the Twins ballpark, Nationals Park is seeking LEED certification from the US Green Building Council. The certification provides environmental guidelines for the sustainable construction and operation of new buildings.


  • Front Door – Like the Twins ballpark, the “front door” of Nationals Park is in the outfield. While the primary entrance to the Twins ballpark is in right-field (6th Street Pedestrian Bridge and Plaza), the main entrance to the Nationals Park is in left-field.


  • Stone – Watch a game at the Nationals Park and it won’t take long to notice the signature “federal building” buff-colored stone which is prevalent behind home plate and throughout the facility. Those stone elements remind me of the plans to use the Minnesota-native Kasota Stone throughout the exterior and interior of the Twins ballpark.


  • Landscaping – Since the Twins unveiled the schematic ballpark design last year, thousands of fans have expressed their satisfaction with the plan to feature a series of Minnesota-native fir trees just beyond the centerfield fence. Likewise, Nationals fans love the series of signature DC Cherry Trees which have been planted beyond the left-field bleachers.


  • Scoreboard – The Nationals Park video board is quite similar in size and shape to the board contemplated for the new Twins ballpark. The National’s board features a 4,532-square-foot high-definition video screen. Meanwhile, the current Twins ballpark design is calling for a 5,000+ square foot board.


  • Views – Both ballparks provide fans with memorable views of their respective home city. While the downtown Minneapolis skyline will be prevalent in the new Twins ballpark, Nationals Park gives fans (particularly those sitting in the upper deck) a spectacular view of the Capital dome.


Win Twins!!!

Dave St. Peter
President, Minnesota Twins