Hats off to the Pohlad Family

Over the years, select media members and fans have continually questioned the ownership commitment of Carl Pohlad and his family. Those individuals have oft criticized the Pohlads for managing the Twins baseball operations in a responsible fashion. They?ve also suggested that the Pohlads received a sweetheart deal when the Twins-Hennepin County ballpark legislation was passed in May of 2006.

History paints a much different picture than the one crafted by the critics. The Pohlads have not only been central to ensuring the long-term success and viability of baseball in this community, but they have demonstrated unprecedented patience and commitment to the process. While enduring ongoing questions and barbs, the Pohlad family has demonstrated non-wavering class and leadership.

That Pohlad leadership was on display again this week when Hennepin County released details of a settlement with the private owners thus ending the dispute over the land where the ballpark sits. It was a settlement which came largely due to the incremental contribution of $15 million from the Pohlad family.

The settlement is critical for several reasons but mainly because it provides the County with much greater certainty in regards to the management of the existing infrastructure budget. While difficult choices remain, the County and the Twins are optimistic in our ability to ensure a first-class pedestrian experience in and around the ballpark district.

Meanwhile, it?s time for a tip of the cap to the Pohlad family. Their extraordinary commitment to this community was once again demonstrated via their recent contribution of necessary infrastructure dollars. Thanks to the Pohlads, the Twins-Hennepin County Ballpark project is rolling forward on time and on budget. That commitment should comfort Twins fans considering the owner of the team is so fully dedicated to ensuring the successful, iconic nature of the ballpark project. Hats off to the Pohlads!!!!

Win Twins!!!!!

Dave St. Peter

President, Minnesota Twins Baseball Club