As the design of the new Twins-Hennepin County Ballpark continues to evolve, the ballclub along with HOK Sport and Mortenson are currently in the midst of preparations for the next round of the public approval process. Over the next two weeks, the Twins will present the latest ballpark design elements to the Hennepin County Board (Oct. 30), the Ballpark Implementation Committee (Oct. 31) and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority (Nov. 9).

As part of the presentation to the public bodies outlined above, the team and HOK will showcase updated renderings, a computer generated fly-around video along with a stunning ballpark model. Fans should feel free to attend any of the public sessions or be sure to check for the latest and greatest ballpark images starting Tuesday (Oct. 30).

As fans look forward to reviewing the updated ballpark images, most won?t notice significant changes from what was unveiled last spring. The general design remains the same, the seating capacity remains at 40,000, the exterior continues to feature Minnesota-native stone, etc. That said, many fans will notice some subtle revisions.

With those changes in mind, here is a sneak preview of various elements which have been revised since the schematic design was unveiled last spring:

  • The primary Twins Team Store ? originally located adjacent the Sixth Street Plaza was shifted to the area along Seventh Street.
  • The main Twins Ticket Office ? originally located immediately along Seventh Street, was shifted to the area adjacent the Sixth Street Plaza.
  • The design of the left field Home Run Porch was revised as follows: 1.) Two additional sections of seats were added increasing overall outfield seating capacity; 2.) The seating section was revised into a ?split? configuration ? very similar to the Terrace Level seating sections found elsewhere in the ballpark.
  • The ?Sports Bar?, originally located in left center field, has been shifted to the building found in the left field corner.
  • The area formerly known as the ?Batter?s Eye Club? in dead center field is being redesigned with a special focus on the creation a interactive area for kids and families.
  • The single vertical light standard ? originally found in left field ? has been replaced with a more pleasing light feature atop the main scoreboard (much like those lights found at Coors Field in Denver or Jacob?s Field in Cleveland).
  • The ?terrace? type seating on the Overlook (found in right field) has been replaced with standard ballpark seats.

Those revisions, as well as other changes, have all been made with hopes of improving the ballpark?s overall design. More to come as we continue to chase our goal of building America?s best ballpark.

Win Twins!!!!

Dave St. Peter