Note: Apologies to fans across Twins Territory for my delinquency in updating this blog. The work on Target Field is fast and furious – as is the pace across the Minnesota Twins organization. With the World Series heading toward conclusion my intent and hope is to continue to share an “insiders” view of all aspects of the development of Target Field. Thanks for your support. – Dave St. Peter



Any fan checking out the NEW Target Field webcam understands that construction of Minnesota’s ballpark is now in overdrive. It’s Halloween week and fittingly the “skeleton” of a ballpark is starting to take shape. It’s taking shape largely thanks to a significant transition. A transition from concrete to steel.


For the past 12 months the ballpark construction site has been all about concrete. Thanks to work crews who endured last winter’s frigid temps before thriving on this summer’s splendid weather, that concrete work is ahead of schedule. In fact, the final elevated concrete pour of the Terrace Level is scheduled to take place next month – some two-plus months before it was originally planned.


Meanwhile, today’s ballpark site is quickly becoming all about steel. The outfield’s steel foundations continues to evolve while an absolutely beautiful sight emerged in the last few days. That was the sight of the “champagne” colored steel raker beams being installed on the Terrace Level. Moreover, last week’s steel milestone included the initial erection of the roof canopy framework. The overall height of the ballpark is now evident as the roof canopy begins to become reality. That’s exciting news for the design team as countless hours were spent in order to ensure the roof canopy becomes one of the ballpark’s signature features.


Target Field Notes: Upcoming construction milestones include the installation of the first “stadia” section (November); the selection of the actual ballpark seating types (November); unveiling of final Target Plaza design (December) …


Much has been made in recent days about the potential for challenging weather for possible World Series games at Target Field. What am I missing here? Didn’t anyone watch the fans and players bundle up when the 2006 World Series visited Detroit’s Comerica Park? How about the recent frigid temps during postseason games at Boston’s Fenway Park or Cleveland’s Progressive Field? How many empty seats did you see for those games? Yes, like other northern climates weather could play a role in our historically unpredictable climate. Why does the media continue to fixate on the weather in relation to Minnesota’s mover to outdoor baseball? …


With the Target Field Daktronics scoreboard package now announced, the project team now turns its collective attention to the video production equipment. In other words the cameras and backroom equipment which makes those beautiful HD images possible … The Twins have commenced the search for Target Field’s first head groundskeeper. Once hired, it will mark the first time the Twins have employed a groundskeeper since the team played at Metropolitan Stadium.



Win Twins!


Dave St. Peter

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    Outdoor Ball Park is great , but there still has to a question to weather. If you look at this years Central Division Champion was decided over that. If Chicago didn’t have all those rainouts with months left to go in the season, they wouldnt have need to play the make-up and a one-game playoff to get in the playoffs. Didn’t detroit a couple of years ago have series against the twins early in the season due to snow. I’m all for outdoor baseball, but could we put up retractable roofs up on already outdoor stadiums so there would be no rain-out contreversies that people wouldn’t have to see what we saw in World Series.

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